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Dear Customers,

As of 1/16/21, we will be closed for the foreseeable future. We are moving our home, business and studio from Minnesota to Massachusetts. This is a major move that will take at least several months. We will not work on any projects during that time, nor will we be returning phone calls, answering emails, texts or responding to Quick Order Forms. Please check back on this website in early May for updates. We are truly sorry that we won’t be able to service customers during the move, but it’s just too complicated.
Thanks for your patience and we look forward to talking to you from Massachusetts!

Sample Package Videos

Times of Your Life DVDs offers three different DVD slideshow packages to meet your needs: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Make your custom slideshow on DVD as simple or sophisticated as you want. The main difference between the packages is the effects. There is no limit to the number of photos you can have. Pricing for all packages is based on the number of photos you send us.
Below are samples of the Platinum, Gold and Silver packages. These samples illustrate some of the features and differences between the packages. Each demo uses the same photos and music, but you'll see they each look very different because of the effects.

If you want to see some actual customer videos for a specific occasion, like for a wedding or rehearsal dinner, let us know. We can setup a video demo for you. Some
customer videos are already setup on this website for viewing. We can also arrange for you to talk to previous customers so you can hear first hand about their experience.

Platinum Package

Gold Package

Silver Package