Times of Your Life DVDs
Estimated Project Costs
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Item Description Enter Answer Cost
Package What basic package to you want? Silver, Gold or Platinum
Photos / Images Approximately how many total images do you think you'll have?
Music A certain number of songs is included with each package. If you want more songs than what's included, additional songs are $1.50 each. The number of songs you'll need depends on how many photos you have. Music for more than 300 photos is additional cost. Number of songs needed for your photos (approx)
Number of songs included in the package
Number of songs not included in package @ $1.5 ea.
Preview Service One on-line preview is included with each package. If you need/want more than the one included preview, each additional preview is $10. Included
Custom Text Slides Do you have a lot of text to include, like poems, Psalms, quotes or testimonials? They are custom-designed text slides. If yes, enter the number of slides.
Video Clips Do you have short, ready-to-use video clips? If yes, enter number of clips. Each clip is $20.
Photo Enhancement Do you have photos that may need moderate restoration (i.e. remove bad scratches, rip marks, etc.).? If yes, enter the number of photos.
Narration Do you have your own or do you need professional narration (i.e. voice over) to incorporate into the DVD? Call to discuss Cost TBD
Rush Service From the time your materials are received, if there are less than 10 business days to complete your project, rush service will be needed. Rush service has a turn-around time of 1-5 days. The time and actual cost will depend on the size and project complexity. Are there less then 10 business days to your due date? Select Yes from the dropdown options.
Continuous Play DVD Do you want a DVD that starts automatically and plays continuously until you stop it?
Additional DVD Copies Do you want additional copies of the DVD? If yes, enter the number.
Photo/ Image CD Do you want a photo CD that contains all the scanned images? If yes, enter the number of CDs you want.
Shipping Includes packing materials and packing. Standard shipping uses Priority Mail from the Post Office (2-3 business days). FedEx overnight or 2nd is avaialble at additional cost. These are estimates. Final costs to be determined based on actual shipping address
Total Estimated Cost