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Sample On-Line Preview of DVD Slideshows

On-line previews enable customers to see their nearly-completed DVD slideshow video before the final DVD is produced. One on-line preview is included with each package. We up-load the video to a page on this website that only you can access. We send you an email with instructions how to view it. You can watch the photo montage slideshow in its entirety, from beginning to end, as many times as you want. You can also send the link to others to watch. This allows you full control of the content and the option to make changes before it's produced. Once the slideshow is previewed and approved, the requested changes will be made and the final DVD will be produced. Please note that if there are extensive changes to the video after the first preview is viewed, additional costs may be incurred. The first preview is included in each package. Each preview after that is $10. Below is an example of how a preview looks.
On each preview page there is a photo indicated where video controls are located.

Times of Your Life Preview Controls