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We’re BACK!!

Dear Customers,

As of 5/31/21, we will be back in limited operation. We have found a new studio and are in the process of getting setup. We will be taking projects with due dates of no earlier than 6/15/21. All projects will be completed on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that completion dates may get further out as the queue for projects gets longer. Please complete a Quick Order Form to get on the schedule.

Please note the new address for sending ALL materials:

Times of Your Life DVDs
Barry Cohen
43 Schooner Drive
Harwich Port, MA 02646

Our email (info@timesofyourlifedvds) and phone number (952-292-7003) have not changed.

Thanks for your patience during our shut down.
We look forward to talking to you from Massachusetts!

We're experts at creating dazzling, custom DVD slideshows and videos.

Times of Your Life DVDs creates stunning, professional photo slideshows on DVD with music. We make it easy to transform your cherished printed photos, digital images, 35mm slides, videos and printed memorabilia into spectacular, permanent, one-of-a-kind DVD slideshows that will last a lifetime. Any event or special occasion such as weddings, birthdays, travel, vacations, anniversaries, graduations, new babies, etc., can be preserved and made into priceless, dynamic photo DVD slideshows. Our DVDs will play on any DVD player. Or, we can provide a video file that you can watch on your computer, smart phone or tablet. We can also setup a permanent web link so you can watch the video on any supported and updated web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (previously called Internet Explorer), Firefox, or Safari.
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Platinum Package Demo
(see other package samples)

Times of Your Life DVDs Collage

Platinum Package Demo
(see other package samples)

We don't just put your photos onto a DVD. We tell your story...we make it personal!
Each DVD slideshow is custom-made for you. We take your photos, videos, slides and personal printed materials, then we add Hollywood-style special effects, transitions, motion, captions and other features to create an unforgettable photo slideshow on DVD. We can add the music of your choice to transform any event or occasion into a spectacular, timeless slideshow on DVD that you'll want to watch again and again.
We offer three different packages to meet your needs: Silver, Gold and Platinum. The main difference between the packages is the visual effects. The Platinum is our best effects package. It has sophisticated (but not over-the-top), advanced special effects and is a great option for most important events. The Silver is a very basic package with no effects. The Gold package is in the middle. See which one works best for you.
We know you have a choice of companies for your photo slideshow project. There are big differences between what we do versus what our competitors do (see an actual comparison). Our Platinum package is the best. What we offer in the Platinum package far exceeds what our competition offers. At best, most of the competition produces a DVD similar to our basic Gold package. See for yourself. Check out our Platinum sample movie (see sample above) versus the competition. We're absolutely 100% confident we will produce THE best DVD slideshow for you and that you will be thrilled.
We work hand-in-hand with you to tell your story and make your DVD slideshow everything you envisioned. Your level of involvement in the process is entirely up to you. Some customers want to be very involved in all the details while others provide some basic guidance/guidelines and then ask us to use our creativity and experience to create the video montage. It's up to you. To place an order fast, use our Quick Order Form. If you want to see what other customers have said about us and our work, go to our testimonials section. Some actual customer videos are available and we can always arrange for you to talk to previous customers.
Anxious to get going, but don't know all the details yet? No problem. Use our Quick Order Form to get things moving in a hurry. We also have a comprehensive Order Guide that will help you through the process and get things organized. Please see the guide for the details.
Need a special project done quickly? If you're on a tight schedule and need a custom DVD in a hurry, we specialize in rush service with expedited delivery (at additional cost). Depending on the project, we can generally turn it around in 2-5 days. Give us a call to find out more.

Now with our special preview service you can review the full video prior to production. You can make changes and approve the photo montage slideshow on-line before we actually produce the final DVD.

Got Questions? Check out our frequently asked questions. If you don't get answers there, you can always contact us direct at 952-292-7003 or via e-mail at
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