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Why use Times of Your Life DVDs versus the competition?

The video on the right is actual video done by a competitor. The competitor presented it to a customer as an almost-finished video waiting for approval. The customer was so upset about the quality of the competitor's video, the company was fired on the spot. The customer called Times of Your Life DVDs immediately after firing the competitor. Time was tight. We completed the video on the left in less than two days and FedEx'd the DVD to the customer in time for the birthday party, where the DVD was played in front of 300 people. Please note that the competitor's video ends after about 7 minutes. We didn't feel that we needed to play the entire video. You'll get the idea! Some things to note:
  • The customer provided the voice narration audio. The photos had to match the narration. It had to tell a story (and had to make sense!). One of the biggest challenges was that there were not enough photos provided by the customer to match the audio, so we found over 50 stock photos on-line to fill in the story blanks.
  • We used custom digital background behind the photos. Our competitor had only black backgrounds.
  • We used special effects to highlight certain photos/sequences and utilized panning, zooming and rotation of photos
  • We edited the audio as necessary to add/reduce spaces to match the video

Times of your Life DVDs Video

Competitor's Actual Video

Here's what the customer said...

"…Barry, you saved the day! We were in a desperate bind with a birthday video...on very, very short notice. We were so unhappy with what another company did for our video, we begged you to help us out. And you did! Despite the time crunch, you took the care, initiative and time necessary to deliver a stellar and heart-felt product. You crafted each moment with artistry and careful eye. The video slideshow was funny, moving and visually stunning. Trust me, you are worlds apart from your competition! Thank you, Barry!…"
Shannon - New York