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Dear Customers,

As of 1/16/21, we will be closed for the foreseeable future. We are moving our home, business and studio from Minnesota to Massachusetts. This is a major move that will take at least several months. We will not work on any projects during that time, nor will we be returning phone calls, answering emails, texts or responding to Quick Order Forms. Please check back on this website in early May for updates. We are truly sorry that we won’t be able to service customers during the move, but it’s just too complicated.
Thanks for your patience and we look forward to talking to you from Massachusetts!

Detailed DVD Ordering Guide and Instructions

Can we get to the details later? Yes! There are a lot of details in doing a DVD photo montage slideshow. If you're eager to get started but don't know exactly what you want yet, we have an easy way to get things going. If you give us some general information and guidelines about the project, we'll take the basics for now and fill in the blanks as we move forward. Many customers allow us some creative license to put the framework of the DVD slideshow together based on our experience with these types of projects. With a little guidance from you, we should be able to get pretty close to what you're looking for. If that sounds good, simply complete the Quick Order Form on-line and send it to us. We will contact you upon receiving the order.
IMPORTANT: if you plan on sending in an order, please call us at 952-292-7003 or e-mail us at so we know it's coming. And please make sure your name is inside the package so we know who it’s from.

Step 1: Which package do you want?

Decide which package you want: Silver, Gold or Platinum
The main difference between the packages is the special effects. The Silver is a basic, no-frills slideshow. The Gold has panning, zooming and photo rotation to make the slideshow more interesting. The Platinum is the best and has elaborate effects to make the DVD slideshow a very special keepsake.

Step 2: Worksheet & Order Form

Print out the slideshow order form below based on the package you select. Review the worksheet, order form and these instructions below before actually completing the form. They will guide you through the process of gathering your information and materials.

If you're not sure how to complete the form, please feel free to contact us at (952-292-7003) and we'll go through the process with you on the phone.

Select the order form for the package you want:

Step 3: Gather & Organize Your Materials

Collect and organize the photos, slides and other materials you want in the slideshow.

We'll do our best to include just about anything you want, regardless of the condition of the material, but please keep in mind that the better the quality of the photos and other materials you supply to us, the better the quality of the DVD will be. Remember that Times of Your Life DVDs performs only minor photo enhancement. If a photo is too badly damaged and we're not able to use it, we’ll let you know beforehand.

If you have loose photos, put them in the order you want them presented in the DVD and number them in case they somehow get out of sequence. Either mark the back of the photos very lightly using a pencil, or put a Post-It note on the back. Do NOT ever use a magic marker on the backs of photos! The marker can bleed through to the front of the photo and ruin it. Keep the photos together with a rubber band and put groups of photos in separate envelops. Using paper clips or binder clips without putting photos in envelopes is not generally a good idea. Often the clips fall off during shipping. And if the photos are not numbered, we will not know in what order they go. Also, clips can damage the photos if they are moved around during shipping.

Do's and Don't for sending us your photos:


  • Put the photos in the order you want them shown in the video
  • Write the photo number on the back, in a corner, very lightly using a pencil or pen. DO NOT use a magic marker or felt-tip pen.
  • For photos with captions, write the caption on a Post-It note and stick on the back of the photo, or on a separate sheet of paper
  • Pack the photos carefully so that they stay in order. Use envelopes to keeps groups of photos separate


  • Send us photos in loose in an envelop or box and expect us to put them in order for you. Photos will be returned.
  • NEVER, EVER, EVER use a magic marker, felt-tip pen or a highlighter to number your photos!!
  • Use Scotch tape for anything!
  • Tape the photos to a sheet of paper
  • Use Post-It notes on the front of the photos (put only on the back)
  • Use paper clips or binder clips to keep photos together; they almost always fall off

If we receive photos that are very poorly organized or are taped to pieces of paper, additional charges may apply because of the extra work required to get everything in order or because if the additional time required for scanning.

If your photos are digital, put them in the order you want by changing the file name of the photos to a number sequence. Most photo management software packages allow you to make a “batch” change to change the file names quickly. For example, files can be changed to the following: 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg. If you have trouble re-naming the files, please let us know and we'll help. Once they’re in the order you want, there are a couple ways to get the photos to us:

  • We send you a link to our on-line file sharing site ( Photos can be uploaded to dropbox from your computer. You upload the files to dropbox and we can download them.
  • Burn them to a flash/thumb drive, DVD or CD and send it to us. If you’re not sure how to do that, give us a call and we’ll help.
If you have printed materials like newspaper articles, certificates, invitations, vows, etc., indicate where they go in the slideshow by writing on a Post-It note which photos they go between (for example..."it goes between photo 012 and 013").

Once you have all the materials, please do a final count of all the items. If you have videos, the total time of all video needs to be determined.

Step 4: Music

Music is a key factor in creating the right mood for your DVD. Music is included for each package up to a certain number of songs. The number of songs included depends on the number of photos you have. You can have more songs than are included, but they would be at additional cost of $1.50 per song.

Check out our list of suggested songs. The songs are only suggestions! We don’t own any of the songs. We purchase music only from legal, legitimate internet sites. Currently, iTunes is the main music provider we use. Any music purchased for use on your DVD will be deleted after the DVD is complete. We also use royalty-free music when available and appropriate.

Copyright laws regarding music are tough and are enforced. Times of Your Life DVDs only obtains music legally and requires that customers do the same. Our DVDs are created for private use only. We send them to you with the understanding that they are not intended for public presentation, you will not charge a fee for people to view them and they will not be duplicated or used for any other purpose other than for the customers' private use.

If you provide us with the music, we can accept and use only legally-purchased CDs. No home-burned music CDs or files will be accepted. All music you send us will be returned to you when the DVD is completed.

Step 5: Complete the Order Form

Complete the order form as thoroughly as you can. If there are areas of the form that you can’t complete, don’t worry. We’ll work through the form together. You may enclose additional sheets with any information you think relevant to produce your slideshow. Please note that a signed Customer Agreement must be returned to us prior to work beginning on your video. You can mail or e-mail the form back to us.

Step 6: Project Estimate

Once we receive your order form, we’ll put together and estimate and email it to you. Once you approve the estimate, we will start the project. For projects where all the photos are all digital, a 50% deposit is required.

Step 7: Send us your stuff!

We know the materials you send us are very personal and important to you. That's why we encourage you to properly package and protect your photos, slides, negatives, videos, music/photo CDs and printed materials. Send materials to:

Barry Cohen
Times of Your Life DVDs
2029 Arbor Lane
Mound, MN 55364

When sending us your materials, we strongly suggest using a service that provides a way to track packages and confirm delivery. Using regular mail service without tracking capability is NOT recommended. For normal orders, the Post Office has several low-cost services that provide tracking capabilities and delivery confirmations, like Priority Mail. If you have requested rush service, you should use an overnight service like FedEx, UPS or Express Mail from the Post Office.

Step 8: Confirm Material Receipt

When we receive your materials, we’ll either send you a text, e-mail or call you to let you know the materials have arrived.

Step 9: Production Time

From the date we receive your materials, it typically takes 7-10 business days to complete your order. That does not include shipping time. The completion time is dependent on the schedule of other orders in the queue, which package you want and the complexity of the order. Larger, more complex orders may take longer. If you need rush service, please let us know IN ADVANCE of placing the order. Additional charges apply for expedited orders.

Step 10: DVD Preview

The preview service (see sample) is a great feature so you know exactly what you're getting before the final DVD is produced. We will e-mail, call and/or text you as soon as your preview in ready to view. Changes can be made based on the preview. One on-line preview upload is included with all packages. That preview can be viewed as many times as you want. If changes are made after the first preview, additional previews can be setup for $10 for each upload.

Step 11: Final Payment, Production & Shipping

Once you approve the preview, we’ll complete production and produce the final DVD. Any balances must be paid prior to shipping any materials or the DVD to customers. Everything will be shipped back to you via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail or Overnight Express Mail, insured, certified and return-receipt requested.